Percy and annabeth high school romance fanfiction

Summary: Rated T ish. Love, sex, swords, high school, parents, college, capture the flag, gods, mortals, parties, passion and of course monsters featuring our favorite monster fighting pair the one, the only Percabeth! A series of one-shots. Please read and enjoy! Annabeth felt the sweat rolling in little rivulets down her back under her dark tee shirt. She could also feel sweat gluing the small hairs at the back of her head to her neck. Annabeth shook her head to try and free her eyes from the drops of perspiration threatening them and responded darkly with a smirk, "not a chance in hell.

The dagger that had become so infamous the summer before was brought right to the defeated girl neck. Both the girls paused caught up in the dance and the shock at its ending. The two girls eyes meet and held and for a moment they were taunt reading each other before, after a moment of infinite length, the girl dropped her eyes, took a step back and sighing she admitted her defeat. You had some fancy tricks up your sleeve huh? I still don't understand why you didn't just ask Annabeth," Malcolm said, sounding remarkable young for a child of Athena and the gods know how old they sound.

Malcolm frowned at his hesitation but didn't ask, he had decided long ago to stay out of his siblings' love lives. Percy looked sheepish, blushing while guiltily scratching the back of his head. It had taken him years but he did finally see why his sister liked him so much. It was hard to get over the silly stupidity that Percy seemed to bring with him all the time, or the fact that he always seemed to bring trouble wherever he went not to mention the whole parents rivalry thing but now Malcolm generally liked the guy.

Percy burst into his cabin breathing hard to grab clean shirt, before he walked over to the Athenian cabin, just to see a freshly washed Annabeth sitting cross-legged on his bed with a shiny mac laptop typing away. Without looking up she said, "you're late, Perseus.

She giggled, "Relax, you look as if I just threatened to slice you into little bits and feed you to a hellhound. She rolled her eyes, pushed her computer off her lap, stood and walked to him.

Smirking, she threw her arms around his neck. She looked at up at him her smirk still in place as she said, "You are such a Seaweed Brain, you know that? He was about to answer but before he could she leaned into him on her tiptoes and kissed him. The kiss was slow and lazy, his hands moved up to cup her face then slowly slide down her neck making her shiver deliciously.

Leaving one hand on her neck, he kept moving his hand and down till he reached the curve of her waist. Breaking apart slightly, Percy whispered his apologies as if speaking too loud would ruin moment. Just brushing them off Annabeth gently kissed his cheek, before moving back to the bed and picked up her computer.

Annabeth's eyes were trained on him watching his very well muscled back, shoulders, and arms tugging the material off his back. She grasped very quietly at the half naked young man who was unknowingly making her heart race, her breathing labored, and her cheeks pink.

Shaking herself as if to shake the image of that delicious man from her mind, but she knew it would never work. What are you doing put some clothes on! Oh I was just switching my shirt that one was all grimy," he said, turning around to face her, still shirtless. Noting the flush of her cheeks, her slightly open mouth, her badly disguised pants, and her widely blown pupils, he frowned in thought. Realization of the cause of these factors, caused him to grin.

You look all flustered," Percy could barely contain his laughter but he knew she would walk out in a huff if he did.Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels.

When you're feeling low and you are aboard a ship with a lot of demigod heroes, give out nicknames, brainstorm ideas on how to find your girlfriend again and eat lots of Snicker bars hence the name. I tried to ignore him, I really did, but with those beautiful sea-green eyes.

He was hard to ignore. Takes place before TLO. The resounding sound of a slap filled the air. Or rather, she looks like a young As legend tells, Kronos and Rhea had six immortal children called the Olympian Gods. Unknown to almost everyone except for Rhea, there was a seventh child, who would change the Greek world. What do you do when you fall in love I looked behind me and then I see what looks to be Medusa!

She cornered me and Percy and hissed with the dozen of snakes on her head. The beginning of the book The Lightning thief or Percy Jackson What if every cabin had a theme song I was just listening to my music and re-reading the Percy Jackson series when the idea just popped into my head and as I listened to the songs on my play lis Olympia College awaits our heroes in this AU.

Will Jason ever be free from his own mind and will Percy come to terms with some shocking news as well as finally put the ghost of his past to rest?

percy and annabeth high school romance fanfiction

It was only supposed to be just one day in someone else's life, to see what the world could have been like if things had only been the slightest bit different. The war was ended and alliances were assured. It was supposed to be "Happily ever after. Solangelo oneshots. Rowan is a girl who lives with her mother in Bos Search Search. Fanfiction More Fanfiction. Write or Upload Story. Fantasy and Werewolves Join the Pack! How it works.

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Snicker Bars and Falling Stars Rating: 5. Genres: AdventureHumor.

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Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Chapter 1 2. When in gym class I have an organic life form with me 4. Clothes, see? Percy Jackson has an actual girlfriend 6. Who doesn't want to see their boyfriend shirtles Miss Bossy will have our heads on a platter 8. What are you hiding from me? Chapter 9 You're not supposed to tell mortals! Oh gods, please not the sex talk It's Christmas! But I'm "not your type" The-trapped-on-an-island-thing-and-all Valentine's Day--Percabeth Style Thalia's Truth Jason is Ridiculously Perfect I tried to incorporate as few cliches as possible, and am hoping to view the setting from a different angle than most.

We've all seen a hundred different stories with this premise: Annabeth shows up at Percy's school, they try to balance their mortal and godly lives, yada yada yada. Hope you like it :. Annabeth sighed as she stepped onto the pavement.

She was excited to see Percy, of course, but she couldn't help but wonder. What if he was entirely different here? When they were together at camp, everything was perfect, or at least as perfect as it could be when they were constantly risking their lives both on quests and on the lava rock wall.

But camp was literally a different world. A world where they belonged together under all circumstances, where they had bridged the Poseidon-Athena gap and were completely in love. High school? This could change things.Hey guys! I know I won't be able to right and update faster because we'll be moving out of the country, but I'm trying hard to write and save stories as much as I can so that you don't get bored as you wait for my updates. So this is a series about Percabeth.

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Annabeth goes to Goode to surprise Percy. But when she got there she didn't know that her boyfriend was considered the most hot and most popular guy ever to walk on school grounds. How will Percy react to Annabeth's transfer? What will Annabeth do to keep those high-school girls that are swooning all over her boyfriend? And what will those high-school girls do to Annabeth for being Percy's girlfriend?

Which high-school girl will do anything to get Percy away from Annabeth? Read to find out. This is in high-school and they are still demigods. Just tell me if you're having trouble with anything.

This is your first day, you might get lost. I closed the door behind me. I looked at the papers Ms. Hooper gave me containing every information I need about school.

I took a look at a piece of paper which showed my locker number: I looked at it then started searching for the lockers starting with I walked around the school halls, counting down the lockers. I smiled and walked towards my new locker. I put in the code and opened it. I started putting my books and other stuff in it.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words The end of the world was three years ago, but Annabeth Chase had been happy staying alive by herself, thank you very much. Then, one day, just as a zombie was about to bite her, she bit him and he turned back into a human.

That changes things, she guessed.

percy and annabeth high school romance fanfiction

Their world combine and both demigods and wizards are forced, once again, to fight to protect the mortal and muggle world. Really bringing this back. Just directly posted it from Wattpad so it might get edited a bit for the really cringey stuff. The Giant war is over and a new girl shows up at camp. She only lets Percy near her and no one but Percy knows why.

Annabeth's Stoney Situation

Percy cares about this girl more than anybody knows, why? With much regret, society and her step-mother must face that fact that at eight and twenty years old, Miss Annabeth Chase, despite her beauty and accomplishments, is headed for spinsterhood. But when a once poor Naval Captain of questionable family background but new wealth arrives, her situation might change. Fourteen demigods are sent back in time to read a series of books that may give them a chance to save everyone they lost.

And the gods are there too. But there's a price to pay for doing this. It's not going to be a fun time but it'll be worth it.

Percy and Annabeth love story part one

Imagine an alternate universe where both, Camp Half-Blood and Hogwarts exist. The two collide as Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts is about to begin when Dumbledore calls in a favor from his old friend Chiron.

The seven have just defeated Gaea and were hoping for a quiet summer to recover. Instead, they find themselves entangled in another war, another prophecy, another world. Percy makes a truth or dare groupchat with the seven, Nico, Will, and Reyna. Will Solace is a Southern boy, a teenager going into his senior year of high school. With no friends, no lover, and a small family, his days are spent sleeping or lounging around.

When his father gets a job in NYC, will it be the start of a new life or simply just another place to sleep? Now he was raising her with the help of his father, half sister, and friends, but nothing about fatherhood was ever easy. Now, with his little Bianca at two years old and him going into his senior year of high school, he's longing for a romantic relationship again.

The new kid may just be the answer. She'd rather be at Camp Jupiter relaxing and making sure nothing burns down. Instead, she is stuck trying to make the best of her situation and enjoy her time at Camp Half-Blood. Between sparring sessions, planning to capture the flag, and being able to see her friends, Reyna thinks she might be able to survive her week and actually enjoy it, until a dark magic falls over Camp Half-Blood. Reyna is one of the few that can stop it, along with a few other unlikely heroes.

Most people, including her younger brother believes that two years later she chose rebirth and moved on. Bianca gets another chance at her life and takes it; but everything has its price, she has to go through Tartarus in order to get out.

percy and annabeth high school romance fanfiction

Now she has a new life with a new name and more powerful abilities, there are also many questions. Six months?I'm so sorry for not updating my Call of Duty stories in a while. I'm having major writers block for all three of my unfinished stories. And before I update them, I may have to change them. It's just that, have you ever written a story and found that it was too short, too bland, e.

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That's exactly how I'm currently feeling. All three of them are too short, and too bland. I need to try to make them longer, use better vocabulary, and alter the story just a little.

So please be patient, I promise I will update. I know you're probably wondering, "You have three unfinished stories, and you just admitted that you need to change them, but now you're creating another story? Are you mad? I think that's what's gotten me in a writer's slump. I need to explore my options.

I've always wanted to write a Percy Jackson story, because Percy Jackson and the Olympians is currently my favorite book series in the world. I figured if I take a break from the three Call of Duty stories, and create a Percy Jackson story, after I finish this one I will know what to do with the three other stories. Does this makes sense?

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I don't know if you could tell from my Call of Duty stories where I never mention the word "love", but I, well simply, just love love! I've always wanted to do a romantic story between Percy and Annabeth, and that's what this story will be about. Please enjoy! Wake up! You're going to be late! I lazily got out of bed and started to walk downstairs. Now hurry and get a shower, and then you can eat your blueberry pancakes.Story Author Community Forum. If you've found yourself searching through communities that say they have good fics in them, and you've found nothing, like me, this place is for you.

Mostly one shots by great people like Bexichan, Greenconverses, SeptemberLight and more. I also try to add authors that don't get a lot of press. He having a crush, a girlfriend or boyfriend If you think your story or other stories should be here PM me.

If you want to be a member of the staff PM me too. I understand that a LOT of these I need to go back through and reread them to make sure they are as good as the standard I hold them up to. But, please, any opinions on what stories I should add to it or take offplease feel free to message me :3 I do have some rated M stories in this community. Stories that involve the world without the Mist or when it starts fading.

Haha pun, but no seriously the books make it clear it isn't considered gross. Jackson Here you will find stories that I have found that are long have at least 30k wordshave a solid plot, have good grammar, and mainly focus and Percy. I also have included a fare number of Guardian of the Hunt type stories. There a few torture, rape, and abuse stories included as well. Including Percy becoming a god, chaos stories, etc.

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What Happened Next

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percy and annabeth high school romance fanfiction

I like them because I am me, so if you like one or two you will probably like the rest. Not all Percabeth, in fact, only a few of them are so if you like them don't come here. I try to only have completed stories, but if you've been searching for some you know its hard to find. If you want your story taken off please let me know!