Seeing white patches on skin in dream

Islamic dreams about White Patches Skin find dream interpretations. Skin Dream Explanation — One's skin in a dream represents the element that cloaks the human being, veils his wealth and what he wills for his heirs. Skin in a dream also represents the elements of father, might, wealth, garment, farm, state of worship, faith, polytheism, or it could mean one's enemy, friend, wife, house, beloved, son, or what protects the human being from harm.

A healthy skin in a dream represents a healthy life, and a diseased skin means weakness. A discolored skin in a dream means sickness. If a deceased person is seen wearing a healthy and a beautiful skin in a dream, it represents his good state or condition in the life after death.

If a sick person sees himself being skinned like a goat in a dream, it means his death. A man once came to him and told him he dreamed that his fiancee had become black and short.

Her shortness, her life. Red skin is a symbol of dignity and relief, especially if it is whitish. Yellow means disease, except if the yellow is gorgeous, in which case the dreamer will be close to God in the Hereafter, if God wills. A white complexion means that the dreamer is religious, faithful, and righteous. If his cheeks turn white, he will enjoy dignity and prosperity. Dry skin Dream Explanation — Suffering from dry skin condition in a dream means having spent one's money in ways that do not please Allah Almighty, borrowing money from people, losing it and failure to repay one's debts.

Consequently, one will justly suffer from a forthcoming punishment. Also see Skin inflammation Skin Dream Explanation — Being skinned in a dream also represents a robbery in one's house, or it may represent a tyrant, or an unjust ruler. If he is healthy, it means that he will become poor and his ill qualities will be exposed.

Fat which is collected under the skin represents the strength of one's faith and religious adherence. If one sees himself wearing the skin of a snake in a dream, it means that he will unmask his animosity toward others. In general, wearing animals skin in a dream means receiving an inheritance. If one sees himself having a fat tail like that of a sheep in a dream, it means that his livelihood will depend on the revenues of his offspring.

If he sees his body grown, it means that he will prosper accordingly. Being fat in a dream means prosperity and knowledge, and being emaciated means poverty and ignorance. The Skin Dream Explanation — It presents a man's estates after he dies. White Dream Explanation — The color white. If one sees his face white in the dream, it means sickness.

If he sees his cheeks radiant white in the dream, it means honor, bounty and a high rank in his community. White in a dream also represents elderly people.

Spiritual and religious aspects of skin and skin disorders

Also see Colors Skin inflammation Dream Explanation — Thinning; Shedding one's skin If one sees his skin thinned or inflamed between his legs in a dream, it means that he will marry a rich woman who will give him her wealth. If one sees himself shedding his skin or skinning himself in a dream, it means money he will part with, and if he is sick, it means his death. Also see Colors The Skin Etc. The Skin of the Lion Dream Explanation — It symbolises the estates and inheritance of some brave, dignified and powerful person.

Cracking of the skin Dream Explanation — See Face White Hair Dream Explanation — Seeing one's black hair turning white in the dream means that he will gain credibility and respect among his people.Discussion Forum. This means things such as skin colour, condition of skin, whether rough or smooth, young, old, thick, thin, spots or scars, healthy or injured.

It is also your contact with the world.

Skin Dream Meaning

Through it you feel warmth or cold, wet or dry, and all the subtle interaction with other people and your environment. So to understand the dream consider what impression you have of the skin, then ask yourself how this connects with your self image, or your sense of your own quality. The skin may also relate to what tactics we use to deal with others; our strength or vulnerability in feeling the impact of other people, their remarks and actions.

It is our protection against the huge forces we deal with every day; for our skin deals with and destroys thousands of bacteria every day.

Skin is a window on your emotions also — so any disturbance can show in your dreams as spots, boils, pus or maggots erupting or other things.


So what emotions — strong ones have you felt recently? When it was pointed out about skin as a window on his emotions, R. I have also been worried about work and think the change in location has taken me longer to adjust to than I thought it would. A skin can also be a disguise, a cover, underneath which another you, or another person exists. In these cases the skin might suggest something you have taken on that is not really expressing your real feelings or potential.

So the dream might show you pulling the skin off or even tearing it off. Animal skin : The spontaneous level of yourself such as instincts, flight and fight, and so your animal wisdom and survival drives.

Rough skin: A surface impression. If this is a dream about yourself, it suggest either that you have been through difficult times and so are well worn with a rough exterior, or you feel that is how others see you.

Burnt skin : A hurt you have suffered in relationship with the outside world or people. Maggots breaking through the skin : It shows a possibly unhealthy condition occurring in that body area. Seeing through the skin : An insight into what is going on under the surface of your mind or body.

Shed skin : Like a snake, changing your old way of life, or shedding old protective attitudes. This might refer to outgrowing a stage of your life, like a spider or snake shedding its skin because it has outgrown the last one. So a move from youth to adulthood might be shown as this in a dream. This usually leaves you feeling vulnerable for a while as you adjust to the change.

Spots, blemishes, moles: Feelings about personal failings or some sense of not being as good or acceptable as other people. Maybe a feeling that other people see you as unattractive or can see failings in you. Often links with shyness or difficulties about facing or being in the company of people. Occasionally it could indicate that you have inner disturbances that need to be dealt with. See: Acting on your dream. Something or Stuff on the skin : If this is a liquid or substance it could mean you have been in contact with something.

As the skin absorbs all that is on it, there might be a suggestion you are taking something in that is either harmful or healing. If it is a thing or a creature on your skin this shows you sensing an influence.

What it is depends on the dream. Things escaping from under the skin : This usually refers to powerful emotions that you have contained for some time and an event or circumstances are now allowing to surface. This means you will be aware of them in some measure in waking. Depending upon what it is that is escaping, it can also refer to a physical condition. For instance the following dream refers to a virus the dreamer has. I have had the same dream as I fall asleep for several years.By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies.

You can find out more by following this link. Any dream that focuses on the skin including being naked or having a skin enhancement such as a tattoo is similar to those dreams involving clothing. Both the skin and the clothes are symbolic, and demonstrate how you see yourself, and how you feel others see you. Having tender skin symbolizes how vulnerable you may be in your life.

Any dream which involves tough skin will suggest some type of emotional defense and attachment. To dream of being skinned alive or skinning something alive such as a dog or cat means that you feel unprotected in waking life. This dream may be horrific and be extremely disturbing. It is important to know that protection is with you. To see a pet or animal skinned means that you need to let things go in life. This dream suggests your desire to improve your general well-being.

The Oriental tradition states that if you dream about skin, you will be left without supplies and without money and moreover, you will be involved in scandals, and be put in awkward situations.

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The skin in a dream foretells of sorrow, but also that you will get a win. Animal skins suggest that you are experiencing spiritual turmoil. To dream of an animal being skinned suggests that you may be about to offload something that is troubling you. A skin can suggest lost judgment, sadness and unhappiness. If the skin in your dream has an infection, this foretells a fragile health ahead, but also ugly quarrels.

A healthy skin is the omen of wealth and gains, as well as relaxed tensions.

seeing white patches on skin in dream

Dreaming of an animal skin means worries, anger, and sadness. A ferret skin is the symbol of luck in love, melancholy and dissatisfaction. More than one skin is usually a good sign, and it can portend a trip with good business deals.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of skin Skip to main content. Skin Dream Meaning What does a Skin mean in your dream. Dream Dictionary A-Z Explore. Superstitions Dictionary Popular superstitions uncovered. Dream Dictionary Over 5, dreams analysed. Tea Leaf Dictionary Learn how to read the symbols in your tea cup. Boys Name Dictionary Detailed overview of your name and what it means.RACE Race, culture, and skin color are very common symbols that are used most often to describe the personality of a trait you have.

They often use cultural stereotypes to symbolize how a certain aspect of your personality is acting, or thinking. All symbols listed on this page are metaphors derived from stereotypes and the fundamental personality traits felt about each race or culture. Nothing listed here is a personal opinion. We have gone to great lengths to interview thousands of people and articulate our results as sensitively as we could.

We apologize if you are offended, but the fact is the unconscious human mind is brutally honest and it is ignorant in our view to blindly believe that people of each race do not have unique character traits that are easily perceived by every other race. We are always trying to improve our articulation of these race symbols to spare people's feelings, but sometimes it's very difficult. Aboriginal People To dream of an Aboriginal people represents aspects of your personality that resist change, are stubborn, or sacrifice nothing.

Positively, the Aboriginal person symbolizes moral strength, maintaining principles, and resisting corruption of values and beliefs. Negatively, the Aboriginal person symbolizes an unwillingness to give up bad habits, make progress, or think about something in a more sophisticated or mature way.

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It also suggests that you are being overindulgent or overly emotional. To dream of a deer turning into a Native American person may reflect feelings about yourself having been naive about life in some way and then getting powerful insights that make you very stubborn about ever experiencing weakness or losing ever again.

Aboriginal or Native people may dream about seeing people of their race if they are experiencing race related issues. People who are only half Native may dream about Native people if they don't feel accepted by other Native people.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Native American people. In waking life he was struggling with a spiritual challenge and wouldn't give up no matter how hard it got. Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a train being stopped and boarded by Native Americans.

In waking life she was at the end of her pregnancy.

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She feared losing the child and not being able to have any more children. The Native Americans in this case may have reflected her feelings about life or nature stubbornly never letting her have more children. Example 3: A man dreamed of talking to Native Americans. In waking life he was realizing that he was being too stubborn about his views with others when he was having serious conversations with them.Skin and skin disorders have had spiritual aspects since ancient times.

Skin, hair, and nails are visible to self and others, and touchable by self and others. The skin is a major sensory organ. Spiritual and religious significances of skin are revealed through how much of the skin has been and continues to be covered with what types of coverings, scalp and beard hair cutting, shaving and styling, skin, nail, and hair coloring and decorating, tattooing, and intentional scarring of skin. Persons with visible skin disorders have often been stigmatized or even treated as outcasts.

Shamans and other spiritual and religious healers have brought about healing of skin disorders through spiritual means. Spiritual and religious interactions with various skin disorders such as psoriasis, leprosy, and vitiligo are discussed. Religious aspects of skin and skin diseases are evaluated for several major religions, with a special focus on Judaism, both conventional and kabbalistic. Skin and skin disorders have had spiritual and religious aspects since ancient times.

The shamans who helped our ancestors to survive and who even today in many areas of the world help to treat skin disorders in part through spiritual means believed that negative spiritual effects could help produce illness and that positive spiritual effects could help alleviate illness. The shamans often employed trance-like states known as altered states of consciousness ASC to access the spiritual. There is much still to be learned from the time-tested shamanic approach to the spiritual through ASC.

Spiritual effects on skin, skin disorders, and healing of skin disorders occur through mechanisms that medical science is just beginning to understand. Psychoneuroimmunology of the skin is elucidating how the mind can influence the skin and skin disorders. Spirit, mind, emotions, and body are one holistic unit and each aspect influences skin, skin disorders, and healing.

In this paper the focus will be on how spiritual experiences, often in ASC, and religious beliefs, rituals, and prayers can affect various aspects of skin and skin disorders. Several relevant topics will be discussed to help clarify how such spiritual and religious effects on skin and skin disorders can occur.

Other references were obtained from the papers and book chapters as well as books located through the search process. Classical commentary by Biblical scholars was also included.

Numerous definitions of spirituality exist. Aldwin et al also distinguish between religiousness with its affiliation and service attendance, and spirituality with its meditative and self-transcendent aspects and note their effects on health.

Spirituality is hidden, not overt, yet can manifest energetically. Spirituality can be experienced from early childhood onwards, with growth in spiritual maturity often following life crises. This is a shift to a higher or deeper self or higher plane or awareness of a higher being or greater source of being that is most likely to be experienced in a spontaneous or an induced trance state, or at least a transpersonal transcendence to heightened and broadened awareness.To dream of your skin represents protection or shield of your inner self.

It serves as a physical boundary and how close you let others get to you. Alternatively, your skin indicates that you are being too superficial or shallow. To dream that your skin is covered with rashes or other skin deformities signifies your fear of facing a harsh reality. You are afraid of making a wrong impression. The dream may also be a pun that you are making a rash decision. If you dream that your skin has been burned, then it implies that you are unwilling let down your guard.

Your line of defense has been compromised. This dream may also be a metaphor that you are "getting burned" or humiliated by someone or some situation. Dreaming that your skin is melting, deteriorating, or developing holes implies that you are losing your defenses. Your guard is down. Alternatively, the dream means that you are being worn down. To dream that your skin is different color suggests that you are not being true to yourself.

seeing white patches on skin in dream

Look up the specific color for additional meaning. If your skin is darker than your true skinthen it may mean that you are trying to hide or blend into the background. If it is lighter than your true skinthen it symbolizes fear. Alternatively, it may be a sign of sickness. Perhaps a call to the doctor is in order. To dream of skin represents the mental and emotional boundaries between you, other people, and the events of your life.

It's how you protect or resist attacks on your feelings or ego.

Alternatively, skin in dreams may reflect your ability to like yourself or feel good about yourself.Are you ready to uncover hidden and forbidden meanings of your dream about white patches on skin? Click and reveal mysterious and secret meanings of dreaming about white patches on skin by interpretations of the dream's symbolisms in various cultures.

The dream in which you see your own skindenotes to the protection you have against the others. You are the person who does not let others too close, both physically and mentally.

The dream could also show that you are in intensive care of yourself and the way you present yourself to others. The skin that is unhealthy or have rashes on it, shows the fear of getting old or losing the protection you already have.

The dream may also identify the careless decision you are making. Read more…. Dreaming about your skin represents the protection of yourself. To dream that you are dressed in white color clothes indicates that a certain event will bring great satisfaction. If you wear white clothes in a dream, an event will bring you a huge satisfaction.

If you saw the white moth in a dream, then such dream indicates the illnesses and even the loss of close people. To have it dark, like a mulatto or negro, treason against friends, benefactors or associates.

seeing white patches on skin in dream

Represents the total absence of color, it is also identified with everything ghostly and even death. So when we see totally discolored people or objects in dreams, we can interpret danger of destruction or some weakness for the object or person. A more literal interpretation suggests your concerns about your abilities, appearance, personality and dignity.

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To dream that you have long hair indicates that you are thinking long and extremely carefully before making any important decision. You are reaching new targets or concentrating on some plan or fixing some situation. To dream that you are losing your hair denotes that you are concerned with the notion that you are getting older and losing your sexuality. Do you feel shortage of sexual appeal or virility? Your mind is preoccupied with thoughts about aging and your appearance.